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Stories for the adventurous at heart! Show host Cynthia Fernandes is co-owner of Pilgrims Way Community Bookstore & Secret Garden. She interviews authors, artists and adventurers who recount extraordinary life experiences for listeners. Hear a fresh perspective on life from every age, that will help you simplify, feel inspired or just entertain you. Podcasts for Simple Life Radio archives are available on iTunes, podbean or YouTube!  Click here or go to and listen in for yourself!

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  1. CindyAugust 16, 2015 at 11:28 PM #

    Hello, Cynthia,

    We met when I came into the shop browsing at all your enlightening things. You and I spoke about gemstones and there effects. I enjoyed our conversation very much. I don’t open up to many people and you just drew alot out of me. Well I did purchase 2 braclets one hemotite and the other pink quartz. You wanted me to stay in touch with you. I just purchsed my first sage bundle in order to cleanse out house of all the negative energy. Next I would like to start reading on Chinese Medicine. I had explained to you that I had medical issues and would like to look into something else besides taking pills. Can you suggest an easy reading book . I need to really work on myself so I can feel physically and emotionally healthy. Thank you for your suggestions.



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