February 7 at 1 p.m.: Meet & Greet with Michael Fletcher, author of The Baja Affair

CIA Special Agent Cameron Nickle finds himself intimately involved in a plot by Fidel Castro to create a Mexican revolution in Baja California. Castro seeks to gain leverage with the Soviet Union and the United States. Non-stop action gives the reader a fast-paced sense of drama in those fearful times.

How different the world would be if Fidel Castro had implemented the ideas in The Baja Affair!

Fletcher delightfully combines intrigue, suspense, action, and romance with several dashes of reality to take the reader on a most interesting journey during a most dangerous time in history. A fun read.

Michael Fletcher Sr. has been a developer and builder of major communities throughout California. His adventurous life includes hobbies such as flying, fishing, hunting, and racing pigeons. He has served as a member of the board of two hospitals and two banks, and has co-founded an organization called Citizens for Community Advocacy, which advocates for housing for Latinos in Salinas, California. He owned a seaside home in Baja California, Mexico, for 21 years – an experience that netted him deep insights for his novel The Baja Affair.

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