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Step Into Nature with author Patrice Vecchione

My guest today, Patrice Vecchione is the author of Writing and the Spiritual Life, as well as two books of poetry. She is also the editor of many highly acclaimed anthologies for children, young adults and adults. Vecchione has taught creative writing and collage workshops at universities, libraries, in community and spiritual centers, including Esalen […]

William Patrick Patterson, on Gurdjieff

Our topic today is spirituality.  William Patrick Patterson is a spiritual teacher of the Fourth Way, which is an ancient esoteric teaching of self-development brought to the West by G.I. Gurdjieff.  Patrick is also an author, filmmaker and speaker on spiritual themes. His website has information about his books, films, speaking events and classes. […]

Theo Maehr, Off-Grid – Interview

Our topic is living off the grid.  The term “off the grid” is defined as not requiring utilities, such as electricity, water, sewer, natural gas, heat, and other services. To truly live off the grid means a house operates without the assistance of any public utility services. To achieve this independence, one’s electricity needs to […]