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A Happy 2017 From Us to You

Collectively, we’ve had quite a year! Here on Dolores & 6th, we’ve had said good-bye to a few neighbors (we’ll miss you Em-Le’s, Jack London’s and Gallery Diamante ) and welcomed a few new ones (nice to have you, Lafayette Kitchen & Cafe, Cultura Cafe and Oh My Sole). We have to admit, change is […]

An Introduction to Our Round Table

The phrase “round table” conjures up images of King Arthur and his knights or the Algonquin Round Table; a group of forward-thinkers who sat together and exchanged ideas and insights. Not to be confused with the legendary grandeur of King Arthur or the Algonquin; we have a round table of our own in the Secret […]

January 24 at 1:00 p.m.: Meet & Greet with Kathryn Gualtieri, author of “The Missing Bohemian”

Kathryn Gualtieri is a local journalist who turned her writing skills to mystery novels. Her passion for history coupled with her first hand knowledge of the Monterey Peninsula, weaves an interesting, educational and page turning series.  What started with Murder in the Pines, continued in Murder Takes the Stage and The Laundryman’s Daughter and now […]

February 7 at 1 p.m.: Meet & Greet with Michael Fletcher, author of The Baja Affair

CIA Special Agent Cameron Nickle finds himself intimately involved in a plot by Fidel Castro to create a Mexican revolution in Baja California. Castro seeks to gain leverage with the Soviet Union and the United States. Non-stop action gives the reader a fast-paced sense of drama in those fearful times. How different the world would […]

Step Into Nature with author Patrice Vecchione

My guest today, Patrice Vecchione is the author of Writing and the Spiritual Life, as well as two books of poetry. She is also the editor of many highly acclaimed anthologies for children, young adults and adults. Vecchione has taught creative writing and collage workshops at universities, libraries, in community and spiritual centers, including Esalen […]

Local Authors Put #IndiesFirst

Kick your holiday season off to a “small” start, but joining in on Small Business Saturday (Saturday, November 29, 2014). To help celebrate we have invited a collection of local authors to gather and interact with you, our delightful community. Who all will be in attendance? What is the schedule? We are glad you asked: […]