A Happy 2017 From Us to You

10_New_Years_HeaderCollectively, we’ve had quite a year! Here on Dolores & 6th, we’ve had said good-bye to a few neighbors (we’ll miss you Em-Le’s, Jack London’s and Gallery Diamante ) and welcomed a few new ones (nice to have you, Lafayette Kitchen & Cafe, Cultura Cafe and Oh My Sole). We have to admit, change is challenging to our sense of security; we don’t know what’s ahead or if we’ll like it. Then, after a while, we adjust and are (sometimes) grateful for the renewal! We have loved getting to know our new neighbors and we hope you will too!

On a larger scale, with the Presidential election, we all are facing a shift…  No matter which side of the aisle you happen to be on; it’s a transition and brings uncertainty with it. It is a great reminder to not allow ourselves to get distracted with labels and the outside appearance of things. There is goodness in the world, sometimes where you least expect it. Look for it and you just might find it!

Here at Pilgrim’s Way includes change to our staff as well. We said a heartfelt goodbye and congratulations to Tim as he graduated MPC and moved north to attend UC Berkeley. It’s always a treat when he drops in to say hello. Our new staff includes Susan and our “garden fairy” Elena. They are both beautiful spirits and we are happy to have their support in holding this amazing unique space.

Our plans for 2017? We acknowledge that we make plans and God laughs, but here’s what we are working toward. We plan on hosting more live performances; perhaps one per month. We have a community that values and appreciates human connection and exchange. We hope to see you at the events featuring awesomely talented locals (like Taelen Thomas, Laura Burian, Laine Littlepage and G. Howard Burnham among them) at the beautiful Carmel Art Association!

Simple Life Radio will return to the airwaves in the early part of the year and will be available as a podcast. We hope to keep you informed and engaged with inspiration to carry you through the year.

We are also happy to offer small private Round Table events in the Secret Garden monthly on the 2nd Saturday. You’ll see the announcement for “Tea & Tarot with Wendy Burch at the Round Table” (click here to read it). We had so much fun hosting her in December! She is also available for private readings by appointment now! And that’s not all, be on the look out for a collection of other Round Table gatherings. Have ideas? We’d love to hear them.

If you haven’t heard about the singing class we host (drop-ins welcome) each Tuesday evening at 7 p.m., don’t miss out. Leader Lisa G Littlebird, shares songs of the Spirit and all levels are welcome in this rich and supportive environment. You are also welcome to come and receive a “sound bath” in the sweet Secret Garden dome. We love the chance to get connected and sing… it’s good for the soul no matter what!

As we said, the world is changing, and the same goes for business. We are continually grateful to be nestled in such a picturesque and supportive area of the United States. We know that without the YOUR support, we might not be here! Our four pillars to educate, empower, inspire, and enliven; act as our guideposts. They, combined with the constant adventure, keep us on track as the community-centric business that you count on. We look forward to a year of creative expression in our interaction, our products and performance offerings. Let’s put our energies together! It’s time to thrive.


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